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Article. Magazine Dijon Notre Ville – March 2004 – n°158 – p.25

It is a European sculptor of recognized talent that the Gaston Gérard gallery presents at 25 rue du Petit Potet until April 25th. An exhibition worth a visit.

Wolfgang Alexander Kossuth is a contemporary sculptor with an unconventional journey. Born in Pfronten, Germany, in 1947, he was a young and talented musician who won the violin prize in Naples and the competition at Teatro alla Scala in Milan before embarking on a brief career as a musician and conductor, which he interrupted in the late seventies to dedicate himself to sculpture. “It took a little bit of courage and realizing that with sculpture I would be freer, more creative,” he explains. From then on, his creations and exhibitions followed one another at a breathtaking pace, and W. Alexander Kossuth became one of the prominent artists in the contemporary galaxy of top creators. He creates a lot but speaks little, as if the obviousness of his work is enough to explain the interest generated by his “plastic performances.” It is a kind of gifted problematic that engages art critics and lay spectators alike, with a calm assurance of talent.

His unique approach, encompassing diverse representations of the human figure, where both the whole and the detail contribute to a striking expression. Michael Engelhard wrote about him, “Kossuth’s art distinguishes itself from classicism through this sensory experience of the beauty of the human body.” In this regard, his work is definitively personal, and it is one of the reasons why it resonates with us so much.

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