10, avenue des Mimosas - 83530 Agay - France
stainless steel swim lane designed by OFI / Linoxydable

Distributed under the brand Linoxydable, these 100% stainless steel 316L pools, known as marine stainless steel, feature pure forms (designed by Olivier Felix Isselin). The manufacturing is carried out in France by CDE, the leading French manufacturer of storage tanks. Stainless steel and simplicity ensure perfect integration in any environment, be it parks, small urban gardens, contemporary or classical villas.

These pools are monolithic and self-supporting. All elements (walls, structure, skimmer, return jets, drain, etc.) are factory-welded and ready to be connected.

More informations about Linoxydable pools.

small inox pool
reflection of nature on inox pool - OFI design
stainless steel pool French Riviera
inox pool OFI design

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