10, avenue des Mimosas - 83530 Agay - France
Olivier Felix Isselin Festival de Cannes

Olivier Felix Isselin, a Franco-Italian artist, designer, and entrepreneur, lives and works in Agay, France. Whether it’s for scenography, space creation, or product design, he offers a minimalist and elegant design devoid of any artifice. The goal is to create remarkable objects that seamlessly blend into their environment.

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Endowed with a curious and open-minded personality, Olivier Felix Isselin has always sought to explore new paths, both in his professional and personal life. He has also studied architecture but has worked in the event management and communication field, as well as in contemporary art, where he has notably led art galleries. He is a designer, artist, and manager, adept at combining his artistic skills with project management expertise.

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Being an artist means having an enhanced and personal perception of one’s environment and expressing it freely through various mediums. Art is the result of this expression.

Design, on the other hand, differs in the sense that it is not self-centered on its creator but primarily addresses the user, making it highly dependent on function. The technique, material(s), and ergonomics of the created object are all elements to be considered during the design process.

However, the designer is no less an artist. In addition to problem-solving, creativity is essential for the designer, giving the created object its own personality.

Ultimately, the common denominator of art, design, as well as architecture and urbanism, is the human being and their relationship to space.


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