10, avenue des Mimosas - 83530 Agay - France

Collection of ©Linoxydable stainless steel spas designed by Olivier Felix Isselin / OFI design.

Space Oddity.

design awarded stainless steel spa - OFI design

My Funny Valentine.

The elegance of steel for a relaxing duo.

inox spa designed by OFI

Perfect Day.

The highly customizable stainless steel spa.

Stainless steel hot tub - OFI design

It’s a beautiful day.

Sleek design serving functionality.

stainless steel hot-tub - OFI design

Come together.

The extra-large, convivial stainless steel spa.

XXL stainless steel spa


The stainless steel swim spa with integrated swim jet turbine.

stainless steel plunge pool designed by OFI

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