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Article – newspaper Le Bien Public – by Isabelle Decaux.

At the corner of Saint-Fiacre Square and Vauban Street, Olivier Isselin opened a gallery-café called Saint-Fiacre last May. The 31-year-old man, who ran the Isselin gallery on Auguste Compte Street, had been developing his project for many years.

He patiently waited for a location to become available in the area, and when the paramedical space became vacant, he seized the opportunity. “With some friends, we broke everything down and rebuilt it ourselves,” he explains. “We removed all the partitions to create a minimalist setting with no decorations, featuring a concrete floor, a concrete stone counter, a panoramic view through four glass windows, black chairs and tables… It took four months of work, and there are still a few finishing touches to be done.”

Saint-Fiacre aims to be a cultural space, open seven days a week. “My goal is to familiarize people with contemporary art: while enjoying a drink, everyone has the opportunity to take an interest in the photos, paintings, and sculptures showcased with suitable lighting.”

Isabelle DECAUX.

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